Ricketts Point is home for me now. I cannot imagine ever moving away from it. It is the location I use the most for my family sessions and it is one of my all time favourites. ❤ Every time I visit there with a family, I find a new little pocket to explore, it is forever changing.


History fact! It used to be a meeting place for the Indigenous people, especially for women and sometimes their visiting neighbours, the Woi wurrung (who come from Central Victoria). There are remains of thousands of years of annual visits to the area. Bayside City Council have developed some really good trails, if you want to know more you can read a little more about them here.


This is the third time I have photographed this gorgeous duo and it just gets better and better. Look at this love. He’s a lucky boy. 🥰


Wishing you both all the very best for your new life in Ireland! X


A mother and son walk on the beach, holding hands, at Ricketts Point

A little boy sits on the sand at the beach, looking up at the camera. He is leaning back against his mother, we cannot see her face.

A mother and son cuddle on a blanket at the beach at Ricketts Point. The boy is looking at the camera while his mother kisses his cheek.

A young boy stands at the beach at Ricketts Point, laughing at something off camera. The water is in the background.

A mother and son walk along the water's edge on the beach at Ricketts Point. The sun is setting behind them.

A young boy lies on the legs of his mother against the sand on the beach. His mother holds his hands while he laughs up at the camera.

A young boy lays on the legs of his mother while they sit on the sand of the beach at Ricketts Point. She is holding his arms and the sun is setting behind them.

A mother cups the face of her young son as they touch noses and smile at each other. They are on the beach with sand in the background.