Anyone else in two minds about this lockdown ending?

Professionally, I feel so excited about getting back out with my camera and clients! This downtime has allowed me to really settle into where I want to be going next creatively and with the business. I’m ready to get started.

Personally, I am relieved that Hen can go back to kindy and get the stimulation and connection with his friends that he has been missing. And alongside this, I am really looking forward to Flo and I having some one-on-one time.

But then I see our house starting to jog again. Pez goes back to work, everything about that makes me sad. We really settled into this lockdown. We yoga together every day and have just started paddle boarding and kayaking with the kids. Pez has fine dined us breakfast, lunch and dinner for months and as if that wasn’t enough, he also started a new tradition of special Sunday lunch, which is one of the greatest things ever. We finally had the time to finish off setting up our home and creating the spaces we had talked about for us and for the kids. We learned to be slow and present with the kids and each other.

So, I’m going into this one day at a time. I’ve written a list to myself to read every morning to try and keep me on track, slow and steady. I’d love to hear if you feel the same and if you have any tips to keeping your stillness as we all start to speed up again.

On that note, while I am still celebrating the home life, it is time to share this gorgeous family in their stunning Elwood home. A session I squeezed in between lockdowns.


A young family of four sits on a couch in their home, laughing at each other

A mother embraces her young son and kisses his forehead while they sit on a couch. Black and white photo.           A father smiles as he hugs his daughter while they relax on their couch at home. She is smiling at her father. Black and white photo.

A mother hugs her daughter in front of windows at their Elwood home. Black and white photo.

A father hugs his young son too him in front of windows in the family home. They are are laughing together. There is a big bunch of flowers in the background.

A young brother and sister lay on their backs on a rug. Their heads are together while their bodies face opposite directions. They are looking directly up at the camera.

A young brother and sister sit on a cement wall at their home, heads together and grinning at each other. There are blurred branches in the foreground.

A man embraces a woman beside a tree. The woman is smiling with her eyes closed.

A family of four crouch down near a garden to watch some hens pecking at the ground. The young girl is by her mother and the boy has his arm across his father's shoulders.

A young girl hugs her mother while she smiles into the camera. The mother gazes at her daughter.           A young boy is embraced by his father while they smile at each other, heads close together