This is the main question I get asked, so we’ll start here and move onto some other questions you might have a bit further down this page. Once you book your session you will receive a lot more information to help you with what to wear and what to expect, so this is just a start.

Most importantly, I want you to feel wonderful. This is essential to my process. So that’s step one. Find something you feel fabulous in. You need to be comfortable and able to move around easily, I want you free and ready to play without needing to adjust what you are wearing.

Once your outfit is chosen then you can worry about everyone else. Choose complimentary colours that flow with your clothing choice. Just to be super clear, you do NOT want everyone in white tops and blue jeans. We are leaving this style of family portrait far behind us in the 90’s and will never be revisiting it again.

Aim for simple, avoid anything with writing or logos. These can be really distracting but can also date your images really quickly as fashions change. Look for textures, I am all for textures, it photographs so well. Thick knits and anything linen will personally keep me happy forever. When possible instead of black go for charcoal or dark blue, and instead of white try for cream or beige. This helps soften the contrast in your images which can sometimes be really distracting.

Yes to outfit changes, whatever you want. This is your session. I want to see your style!


These photo sessions are super relaxed and about you and your family interacting and being your wonderful selves. I’m there to document you, your family, your story, so you can remember and treasure this time forever. I just need you to be you, nothing more.

In saying that I know it can be hard to relax with a camera pointed at you. I promise you that I have never had a client call me up to make a booking and tell me they love being photographed, ever. It is a challenge for most people, but trust in my process, it is something I have been developing for 20 years and it works.

I will give you direction and guidance to a point, positioning you in the best light, asking you to look at each other, setting up games and cuddles but mostly I am just creating a space and opportunities for connections to happen naturally.

If there are small people involved in the session, they are almost always perfectly unpredictable and totally in charge. That’s the way I want it. Please just let that flow. The more you allow that, the more opportunities I have to capture their wild and free selves. I want to find the beautiful moments within the chaos, that’s where the magic is.

During your session my goal is to get all the different combinations possible within your family. If you’ve got any ideas before the session of what you’d like, please let me know.

I’m not a big fan of props in your images but I love a good rug or picnic blanket. This is your story so if you have something in mind then let’s chat.


Your health is my main priority. Muka Portraits has completed and will be following a COVID-Safe plan when photographing you and your family. If you would like to see a copy of this document I am happy to email it through to you. I will be using hand sanitiser before and after your photography session and all of my gear will be sanitised between sessions. If you wish for me to wear gloves as an extra precaution I am happy to do this.
Please let me know if you or any of your family members have been unwell, interstate or overseas recently. I assure you I will only ever be photographing your family when I am in 100% health. If any health concerns arise we will reschedule your booking. I never want to put you and your family at risk.

Where will my photographs be taken?
All of my family photography sessions are at a location that is relevant to you. This might be your home, local park or at the beach. Where do you go often as a family? You are not restricted to just one location either, we can travel to different places during your photo session. And yes, absolutely I have locations I can recommend.


Should I bring props?
I’m not big on using props during your photography session but I love a good rug or picnic blanket.


Bad weather …
I am really flexible when it comes to weather, and happy to reschedule sessions if we get a rainy day and being outdoors is really important to you. Alternatively, we can move the session to your home. If you are organising a large group of people and rescheduling the session is not an option we can choose a location that has some cover from the rain.


What happens if one of us is sick?
We’ll reschedule. I want everyone feeling the best that they can.


What time would my photo session be?
My outdoor sessions are either in the morning or evening as this is when we will get the very best light. If you would like a session in your home then the times are more flexible.


What days are the photography sessions?
I run my photography sessions mainly on weekend days only, Saturday and Sunday. If a weekday is the only option you have then please let me know and I can try to make that work.


How many photographs are taken during the session?
I have no set number of images that I take during your photography session. I continue to photograph you until I know I have a beautiful range of images, generally this takes an hour to an hour and a half.


When will I get my images?
Viewing sessions are done the following week after your session and you can expect to receive your images within three weeks of ordering.


Where is the Muka studio?
I only photograph on location, no studio photography. Viewing appointments are through Zoom and for the collection of your images please come to 27 Patty Street, Mentone. I operate by appointment only so please call before popping in.