I watched a brilliant masterclass by Annie Leibovitz years ago and something she said really struck me. Annie shared how she approaches working with a subject for a photo session, including refuting the popular notion that it is a photographer’s responsibility to put a subject at ease.


I have had an internal battle with this comment ever since.


The absolute core of my work has always been about my clients’ experience. How they feel, every step of the way through their process with me. When it comes to the actual day of the photography session keeping every member of the family at ease is paramount. I want the images you hang on your walls to tell your real story, to show your true connection with one another. Without creating a safe space where you can be yourself, I don’t believe I can document that. It would be asking too much of you.


I suppose Annie’s comment has helped me see where my line needs to be, and so I have taken a little step back. Finding the balance between keeping you relaxed but not interfering so much that I interrupt your story.


If you have a session coming up or are thinking of booking one, then know that all you ever need to be during one of my photography sessions is completely yourself. Love your people. Connect the way you connect. That’s what I want to document for you. Not my projection of your love.


This family did exactly that. Turned up as themselves and let me in. A very easy love to document. ❤

Two women sit outdoors on a blanket, smiling and looking down at a baby sitting in the lap of one woman. Taken by the beach at Ricketts Point, outside of Melbourne.

Two mothers stand on the rocks at Ricketts Point beach with their baby

A mother stands by the waters edge at Ricketts Point beach with her baby on her shoulders. The child's arms are up in the air in joy.

A mother stands on a rocky beach at Ricketts Point with her baby in her arms. The child is kissing its mother on the cheek.

Two women stand on a rocky beach at Ricketts Point, embracing. One woman kisses the other on the cheek.