Pregnancy and Newborn

The best thing about what is happening right now is you have made it to this page. You have found the time to look for a photographer to document the most precious event we will ever experience in our lives. I know from experience how quickly this tiny gurgling bundle becomes a laughing wriggling little human. The newborn images I have of my babies in my arms are my most precious. That is what I want for you. To never forget that newness, the feeling of being inside that glorious baby bubble.
You have all we need for this session in your home. A quiet safe space that you have carefully put together awaiting your baby’s arrival. That’s where I want to photograph you. This is the space I want you to remember, this is where your next chapter starts. I don’t need much room, just a bed, a window and you and I’ll have all I need. I definitely don’t need the house to be clean, the dishes to be done, or the mountain of washing to be folded. Let’s chat. Click here.

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