I have just had this ‘now I’m a mum clean out’. Has anyone else done one of these? It’s where I realised that it was time to get rid of the notes I used to pass in class, time to throw away the 10,000 photographs of my slightly out of focus wilder years, and put some order into my memories. It was an incredibly cleansing process and without realising I was carrying them around with me I said goodbye to some old dark friends.
During the clean out I came across these family photographs and they stopped me in my tracks. I was 16 years old when I took these. I had spent the most part of my high school years just passing my classes, not really knowing what direction I wanted to head, and feeling hot flushes when my friends told me what they were going to study at uni. I had filled a spot in my timetable with photography because there was a gap and it fitted the time slot. And I fell in love. Everything seemed to make sense to me from behind the camera. I had found my place.
Some family friends put me in contact with a photographer who offered to share some of his knowledge of family photography and I went to stay with him for a few weeks. The experience was life changing and I will be forever grateful to him.
He had organised this family to come in for a photography session, he sat them on the studio floor and passed me the camera. My insides fell out the bottom of me.
I see something in these images now. I didn’t then, I just saw my fear, my fear to speak and direct. But what my silence allowed was for this family’s connection to shine. An important lesson in my journey at the age of 16.

A special thank you to my hand model who impressively fought every urge to tear these images to shreds.

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