Wondering how this will all play out? Here is a little more information to help. If all adults involved in your photo session can read this, that would be amazing. If we start this session all on the same page, the end result will be so much better.

These photo sessions are super relaxed and about you and your family interacting and being your wonderful selves. I’m there to document that. You have asked me to capture you, your family, your story, so you can remember and treasure this time forever. I just need you to be you, nothing more.

In saying that I know it can be hard to relax with a camera pointed at you. I promise you that I have never had a client call me up to make a booking and tell me they love being photographed, ever. It is a challenge for most people, but trust in my process: it is something I have been developing for 20 years and it works.

I will give you direction and guidance to a point, positioning you in the best light, asking you to look at each other, setting up games and cuddles but mostly I am just creating a space and opportunities for connections to happen naturally.

If there are small people involved in the session, they are almost always perfectly unpredictable and totally in charge. That’s the way I want it. Please just let that flow. The more you allow that, the more opportunities I have to capture their wild and free selves. I want to find the beautiful moments within the chaos. That’s where the magic is.

If your small people start to go a little crazy in the process can I ask that you let a few more things slide than you normally would? We want everyone as happy and relaxed as possible. Also, please don’t feel like it is your job to guide your children, telling them to smile at the camera will never give me the results I am after. I don’t want you to look back on your images and see cheesy, forced smiles. It is just as important to me to document their pursed lips and furrowed frowns as much as their laughter. We are documenting your real story, right?

During your session my goal is to get all the different combinations possible within your family. If you’ve got any ideas before the session of what you’d like, please let me know.

My sessions are about pausing time and being utterly present with your family. Please put your phones away, preferably turn them off. Please do not start taking photographs over my shoulder, this can be so distracting for everyone.

If we are doing your session outdoors leave as much as you can in the car. We will be going on an adventure and a lot of the photographs are taken while we explore. Bags just get in the way.

I’m not a big fan of props in your images but I love a good rug or picnic blanket. This is your story so if you have something in mind then let’s chat.


There is something special about having photographs taken in your home. It is the only place I have my family photographed. It is where those fleeting golden moments happen, you know the ones. The ones where your heart starts to glow, the moments we dreamed of before we became parents. They don’t happen often (in my household!), but when they do, they are powerful. The snuggles in bed on a Sunday morning, chuckling in the crumpled sheets. Those squeals of delight under the sprinkler in the backyard. There are countless memories being made each and every minute, and to have photographs to remind you of this time in your lives, in your home, with your people, is priceless.

I totally understand that the idea of getting your family ready for a photo session at the same time as preparing your home is asking A LOT. So please let me help a little …

Generally, the main spaces I photograph in are the parent’s bedroom, the kid’s rooms and the main living area, so these are the areas you should focus on when preparing for your session. All that is needed generally is a simple de-clutter, move things that won’t add any visual value to your images. This might be phone chargers, alarm clocks, dirty dishes, washing baskets, paperwork, or water bottles. If you want, feel free to add some fresh flowers and throws on the couch. If we are photographing in your bedroom, clean off your bedside tables, a little lamp is all we need or a small vase of flowers.

Your bed linen is just as important as your outfit selections, is it complimenting the style of your family? This could be a great opportunity to treat yourself and blame the photographer! I love a messy bed with a snuggly family lost in the sheets. I love a kid’s room with their very favourite toys scattered around the place. Ultimately, I will only shoot in the areas with the best natural light and I will explain this more once I am in your home and can assess the light.

The key to these in-home sessions is not to over think it! If I see something that is distracting, I will remove it during the session. I have photographed in the smallest and messiest of homes with one window for light, in half renovated homes with building construction around us and in the types of homes that come with their own interior designer. They are all perfect, because they each tell your unique story.



If you are organising small people for these evening sessions here’s some tips and tricks that have worked for my clients in the past:

~ Bring snacks – non messy, small, and lots of them

~ Pack a favourite toy or comforter

~ Try a late nap – change up your routine and give your children a later nap in the day so they are bright eyed in the evening

~Try for a quiet day for non-nappers – take it slow, don’t show any signs of stress about your session, and don’t build it up too much