It’s the quietest time of year for family portrait sessions, winter. A number of my clients want their portraits to be taken on one of those classic Australian hot, balmy long evenings. The reality is though that if there are young ones involved in your photo session then a later start can often be really difficult. Everyone is tired, and fuses can be a little short after a long hot day. These winter evenings that start so much earlier mean we get the best light with your photo session starting around 4pm. In the peak of summer I prefer my evening sessions to start as late as 7PM!

The hour before sunset is my favourite time of day to photograph your family, there is a lot to love about early morning light but evening light owns me. I’m a sucker for it. When I photograph you as a family it is so important to me to document your family connection and your story. Who you are as a family, what is important to you. I find this type of light helps me to tell your story.

Here is a family portrait session from a few weeks back in one of my new Bayside beach locations. I’m so excited about this new spot. I stumbled across it while puddle hunting with Hen and it ticks all of my boxes, you’ll see why. This gorgeous family were such a joy to photograph, they played together so beautifully.


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