Much like my Henry, she told (demanded) me where to sit, what to do, and very clearly explained when I got the game wrong. She laughed and played, filled the room with her giggles, screamed with frustration when the piece of the puzzle didn’t fit and hid in the cupboard when we wanted her in a family photo, just like every toddler I photograph.

Meet Ava, a bubbly, bouncing beauty. Ava has been diagnosed with Stage 4 High Risk Neuroblastoma – a very rare and very aggressive childhood cancer. Three words that should never go together. What a beast. Incredibly, there is a life saving vaccine but it is only offered at Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital in NYC. This vaccine and associated costs are estimated to cost this family $350,000.

Photographing Ava, her new baby brother Angus and their parents was a pretty special experience and I’m so thankful they allowed me to do so. I had read their story and held Hen tighter in the dark. Thinking of them, wishing I had more power, more money to help. Questioning how something like this can be possible. This is a story that puts everything in perspective. Please click these links to read more.

~ Here is Ava’s main fundraising page where you can donate if you want to help.

~ There is a Gala in Melbourne on the 17th November and you can buy tickets here.

~ Or, you can go to this page. These amazing women have shaved their head for Ava and are nearly at their target of raising $8000.

To keep up with Ava’s journey here is a link to her Facebook page.

Please let me know if you have any questions about this or want to help in any way.

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