This session was on a dark stormy Melbourne day, one of those days you have to put your car headlights on at 9am, seriously black clouds. I will admit I was freaking out driving to Toni and Hamish’s home, willing them to live in something similar to a glass house for all the possible light we could get. We did the entire session in an upstairs bedroom using one window for light and it was utterly glorious. That’s all you need folks.
You know when you walk into a home and get an instant feel for what life is like living there. The best way I can describe entering this house is like sitting down in front of a fireplace with a hot chocolate and extra marshmallows. Just warmth and comfort and love, oh so much love.
Toni and Hamish were so warm and so welcoming and such a delight to photograph. The kind of parents we all dream to be. So gentle, so present, so connected.

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