I knew motherhood would change me, that was the one consistent thing ‘they’ all kept saying. But I wasn’t expecting it to have such a profound effect on my photography. I was trying to explain it to a friend last night, it’s like a settling, a calm sort of feeling during my sessions. I can see the moments clearer, understand the connections more, and this has changed the way I photograph.

For those of you who follow my photography journey you would have seen some imagery at the beginning of last year with babies in my natural light studio. After giving this a good trial I realised I could never recreate the magic that happens in the family home. The first home your baby came home to and the nursery you have so carefully designed. It also means I get the opportunity to document more of the in between moments which are so often the most precious.

It’s so special, such a privilege, to be invited into your baby bubble to document these memories. Here is a glorious session with little Harvey. We designed a lovely little newborn album for this family which I’m sure will be opened and enjoyed many times throughout Harvey’s life. Click here to see a video of that album.


newborn-baby-photographer-beaumaris-mentone-bayside-13  newborn-baby-photographer-beaumaris-mentone-bayside-15  newborn-baby-photographer-beaumaris-mentone-bayside-18  newborn-baby-photographer-beaumaris-mentone-bayside-26  newborn-baby-photographer-beaumaris-mentone-bayside-35  newborn-baby-photographer-beaumaris-mentone-bayside-38  newborn-baby-photographer-beaumaris-mentone-bayside-45  newborn-baby-photographer-beaumaris-mentone-bayside-49  newborn-baby-photographer-beaumaris-mentone-bayside-57  newborn-baby-photographer-beaumaris-mentone-bayside-89  newborn-baby-photographer-beaumaris-mentone-bayside-74  newborn-baby-photographer-beaumaris-mentone-bayside-76    newborn-baby-photographer-beaumaris-mentone-bayside-94  newborn-baby-photographer-beaumaris-mentone-bayside-96


Newborn baby album from Muka Portraits on Vimeo.