I leave in-home newborn photography sessions buzzing. Every single time. It is so special to meet these new little people and have the privilege of documenting these memories. I love the energy they bring, the transformations of life, the foundational shifts.

Personally, the newborn photographs I have of my babies are the most powerful images I have in my collection. They are the images I study the longest. The ones that transport me back to the precious moments of this parenting journey.

I am grateful to have had these sessions in my home. There are memories in the walls that you never think are important, I suspect until you leave that home. I hope that is the same for you.

I know on occasion there can be worries about in-home sessions, who wants to clean on top of everything else you need to achieve in a day, right!? But I am here to help you with that. We do not need to do much! One window is the only necessity. It is part of my service to help you prepare, give you things to look out for, little (easy) pointers to styling your rooms before I arrive. What clothes and blankets to have out and ready. My cameras point the opposite direction to piles of washing and stacked dishes.

Here are a few images from a newborn session I did in Richmond between lockdowns. This is what love looks like. ❤

Close up of a baby's eye and eyelashes - the background is in shadow

Close up of a sleeping newborn baby. The child's eyes are closed with the fist loosely closed and held against the forehead

Close up of a newborn hand, closed into a fist

A young mother holds her newborn baby in her arms, sitting up in her bed at home

A newborn baby lays on a blanket at home, swaddled in a soft handmade blanket

A newborn baby lays on a bed at home, swaddled in a handmade blanket. The new father has his hand resting gently on the baby's tummy as he gazes down at the child

A newborn baby is laying on a bed at home, swaddled loosely in a handmade blanket. The new parents are gently holding the child but cannot be seen.

A young family hold their newborn child in a handmade blanket at home

A newborn baby is held in his father's arms at home           A young family with newborn baby is sits at home. They are sitting behind an arched doorway.