Dressing for a Mother's Day Mini Session

Do you have a plan for what everyone is going to wear? Hopefully I can help, let’s start with you …

Most importantly, I want you to feel wonderful. This is essential to my process. So that’s step one. Find something you feel fabulous in. You also need to be comfortable and able to move around easily, I want you free and ready to play without needing to adjust what you are wearing.

Once your outfit is chosen then let’s worry about anyone else. Choose complimentary colours for anyone joining you that flow with your clothing choice. Just to be super clear, you do NOT want everyone in white t-shirts and blue jeans. We are leaving this style of family portrait far behind us in the early 90’s and will never be revisiting it again.

Aim for simple clothing, patterns can be lovely avoid anything with writing or logos. These can be really distracting but can also date your images really quickly as fashions change. When possible instead of black go for charcoal or dark blue, and instead of white try for cream or beige. This helps soften the contrast in your images which can sometimes be really distracting. Look for textures, it photographs so well. Thick knits and anything linen will personally keep me happy forever.

As always I am here to help. Many of my clients take photographs of what they are planning and sms them through to me, feel free to do this.

A mother and son cuddle on a blanket at the beach at Ricketts Point. The boy is looking at the camera while his mother kisses his cheek.