This is my smalls in lockdown. I am trying to document them as much as I can at the moment so I can show them how life was for us when the world changed.

I feel like they have both just gone through a massive transition and I am suddenly now the mum of a fiery toddler and a deeply inquisitive boy. They are like tumbling magnets together, barely spending any time apart from one another.

Things are good here, quiet. I am spending my lockdown developing systems and processes behind the scenes at Muka. Things I’ve dreamed of introducing but never had the time to set up between shooting and the mum gig. It feels good – I think it’s what is keeping me sane.

Thank you to all my clients who have been so patient with the constant rescheduling and all of the lovely messages of support. I am so grateful!

I hope you are well and getting through this. It looks like we’ll be in this for a little longer. Hang in there. Breathe deeply. And drink good beer. That’s the best advice I’ve got.

Profile of young child with a black background

Upside down image of a young boy laying down with his eyes closed during Melbourne's lockdown

Toddler lies with her brother on the carpet during Melbourne's lockdown. She has blond hair and is laughing

Two children, a toddler and a young boy, lay on the carpet together during Melbourne's lockdown. The toddler is hugging her older brother's head.