Family Photojournalism

My new passion! Family photojournalism. Photographing the real raw moments of family interaction and connection.
My family photography photojournalism sessions are a little longer than my lifestyle family portrait sessions and are raw, unposed documentation of your life exactly the way it is. All you need to do is carry on with the things you do in day to day life. During these photography sessions I photograph everything: the laughing, the rebelling, the loving, the fighting … real life and all of its precious little unposed moments.

These photojournalism photography sessions are totally uninfluenced by me, I am there for pure photojournalism only. No lights will be turned on, no adjustments made to random objects. I approach these sessions with a complete ‘fly on the wall approach’ to documenting a day in your life.

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  • Sarah you are amazing…. warm, knowledgable, friendly and above all talented.

    The experience was brilliant and the end products are better than I could have ever hoped.

    Thank you! I will be recommending you to everyone!!!

  • We just love how these photographs really capture us as a family and in our home. They really tell a story and while we absolutely love them now, I actually think in a few years we’ll treasure them even more so. Seriously! Thank YOU!
    Liv and Alex
  • We LOVE them!!!!!! Thank you so much, it really feels like you captured our little family perfectly. These photographs are so much more appealing to us than a ‘styled’ photo session. We will treasure these Sarah. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! XXXX
    Zack and Kelly
  • Sarah had managed to capture the funniest, sweet and yet most normal parts of our life and edited them together to make something truly magical. Sarah is lovely to be around and makes both adults and children feel very at ease with her and her process; she captures the normal and elevates it through her images to something incredibly joyful and special. We will cherish our photos forever.
    Julia and Shane
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