It’s insane to me how much life changes once you have a child. How as a person your foundations shift. How your relationship with your partner flips over. It is glorious, don’t get me wrong. But life is never the same again. That fact has taken me a year to process. I waited so long to become a mum and I had created this image in my mind of being the perfect, natural mother. I think we all do when we are pregnant with our first child, don’t we? The Brady bunch mum. Ha.
I was shocked at how many moments I struggled through. How alone I felt. How hard life is on no sleep. I sobbed through the nights and felt guilty that I was struggling. Crazy.

Backtracking a little in a bid to catch up on my blogs, this one is a must share. I photographed Brodie and her new family when I was halfway through the 4 months my H rejected the sleeping concept. It was SO good to get out of the house and lose myself in this session. I felt really connected to this family and what they were going through. Elliot was a pretty similar age to Hen so it all seemed so familiar.

Brodie was drawn to the photojournalism style and really wanted natural, real life moments captured. Here are some of my favourite images from the morning we spent together.

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