Family Photojournalism Information

The rules are . . . there are no rules! Ignore me and carry on with your life exactly the way you normally do. This is raw documentation and that means I cannot influence or adjust anything. The beginning of this process can be a struggle for some people, I totally understand that, life does not normally include a photographer moving around you doing your daily tasks! But trust the process, allow yourself to find your comfortable space and then just let your day play out – the results from this style of photography when handled correctly are so powerful. By the end of our session you won’t even notice I am there.

My packages cover 4 hours of your day and this can include any 4 hour segment you like. I can be there when your children wake up in the morning, I can photograph a daily outing, or I can document the bath then bedtime process.

If younger children are involved in these photojournalism sessions, the really important thing to avoid is doing something outside of their normal routine. This changes their energy levels, and I want to document their authentic self.

If there are teenagers in the photo session it’s a good idea to plan a few activities. Something to pull them away from their devices and get them involved – iphone time does not make for the most exciting photography.

Things to note:

The extreme moments are THE BEST. This includes the tantrums, the falls, the writing on the walls, we document everything. It is important to understand that if your child is alone with us you should treat them as if they are actually alone. We will be documenting, not interfering … unless we feel like life is in danger, then we will step in.

We come everywhere and photograph everything, including what goes down in the bathroom. If there is any area that is out of bounds please just let us know.