Did you know there are some sharks that hatch from eggs? We found one of these eggs on this family photography session whilst hunting around the rocks along Beaumaris beach heading towards Black Rock. The perfect beach discovery. Lately my family photography sessions have been much more about the journey and the exploration than the stopping for photographs. I am really enjoying the connections this is giving me. There is a pureness and honesty coming through on the images, more of a unique story of each family as they react in their own special way. Hopefully you see this too.

beaumaris-family-photographer-lifestyle-17    beaumaris-family-photographer-lifestyle-21

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Behind the scenes here …

We are renovating our bathroom and trying to get our home ready for sale. It is a horrific process to say the least and the task list appears to have no end. But the thought of a slightly bigger home with a small patch of grass for Henry is keeping us going.

I won’t deny I am a little disappointed, I did think after all of my renovation shows I was going to be the Renovation Queen. That is simply not true. Terrible decisions have been made at every turn. So, if you are looking to buy a little two bedroom unit and want those kind of bathroom floor tiles that make you want to scrub them clean every time you see them (but they will never actually look clean) then I have the house for you.


In the life of H …

Life with my toddler is evolving daily. He is intense and hilarious and feels things deeply. Negotiating and reasoning are our main daily events as I am sure every parent out there with a toddler can understand. My favourite so far is the reasoning as to why we couldn’t leave his fingers behind; they had to come with us ….

Hen had his first near death experience this week. I keep having flash backs and piecing together every move I should have made to prevent the situation from unfolding. A series of events left me too far behind while Hen sped towards a duck pond on his bike. I was too far to catch up, I knew that. A dear friend had obviously preempted his next move and was on her way but also too far to stop him. Thankfully a stranger by the edge of the pond caught the bike just before it went in. Thank you to that stunned man, sorry I didn’t ask if you were ok.